We are looking for interesting products to sell at MAKUAKE and Japanese Market.

We import and sell “interesting” products that are popular overseas in Japan. With a firm grasp of consumer needs, we are able to create crowdfunding and e-commerce sales We have a unique combined approach to the market.

What is MAKUAKE, Japan’s largest crowdfunding service?

The crowdfunding service was launched in 2013; by 2019, more than 6,000 Developed projects online to help manufacturers and foreign product sales intermediaries raise funds. More than 200 large fundraising projects over 10 million yen. in December 2019, the company will be listed on the TSE Mothers’ Newly listed on the market.

MAKUAKE is a leader in Japan’s internet, advertising, broadcasting and gaming industries. MAKUAKE is a cyber agent group, and we’ve been working on a number of projects that have been successfully funded We offer a wide range of support services, and our products are sold not only online, but also at Tokyu Hands and electronics stores. We are. However, the company is not only collecting “funds” but also working on ways to continue steady sales. We are looking for a way to do this.

Hotjapans LLC. is not only looking for Makuake, but also for GREEN FUNDING and Utilizing crowdfunding platforms such as CAMPFIRE to raise funds and products. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Advantages of HotJapans LLC

Why Choose Us

Our strength is knowing how to sell in Japan e-commerce platforms.We have 7 years of experience in import business, and we are well versed in platform sales such as Rakuten,Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, eBay and Shopify.

We deal in motorcycle accessories, outdoor, coffee makers, gadgets, idea products and more!We are planning to open a store at the Tokyo Gift Show this year,the largest trade show in Japan.

Our Case

We eventually sold tire inflators over 50,000 USD (562 backers) on Makuake,covered the marketing costs in Japan,spent 3,000 USD on advertising, and did a pre-launch and press release.This tire inflators is currently sold on Rakuten.

We have an exclusive contract with a product that has sold more than 1,000,000 units per year on product sold over 25,000 USD (687 backers) on Makuake. We are currently selling the product on and an organic store and we are preparing to sell it with a Co-op.

We made an exclusive contract with a product that raised 120,000USD of fundings on Indiegogo, and spent over 15,000 USD on advertising, pre-launch, and press release, and sold 180,000 USD (1262 backers) on Makuake. The product has also been introduced in popular Japanese TV shows and magazines.
We paid for the marketing costs in Japan and the certificate for Food Certificate Low.
After that, we will subsequently sell the product through the crowdfunding platform called machi-ya and Campfire.
After the crowdfunding projects are over, we will sell it on Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Shopify, and B2B to major offline stores by exhibiting at Tokyo Big site.

We have made an exclusive contract with a product that has raised 260,000 USD of fundings on Indiegogo, and we will spend 10,000 USD on advertising, pre-launch, and press release.
We are planning to promote this product on GREENFUNDING, machi-ya, and Campfire. We will also plan to exhibit and sell it at Tsutaya Denki at the same time.
After the crowdfunding, we plan to sell it on Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, and Shopify, as well as exhibit it at Tokyo Big site for B2B sales to major offline stores.

We are engaged in 4 main businesses.
・Crowdfunding Agency Service
・Online and Offline Import Sales
・Online Export Sales
Please feel free to contact us.

Approach provided by Hotjapans LLC.


Start with an understanding of your product thoroughly.
After we contact you via email, we will meet with you via Skype or ZOOM. First, let’s get to know each other better. Our professional staff, who have supported more than 500 people at MAKUAKE, will also participate in this meeting.


We hold meetings on Skype or Zoom to deepen our understanding of products and work together on sales strategies and advertising methods.


Create a video and writings that describe the merits and ease of use of the product for Japanese consumers.
Then launch the project on MAKUAKE. Attracts attention by offering a discounted price.


Depending on the sales, discussing imports of products into Japan and future production plans while observing the sales of projects provided by MAKUAKE(project support status).


Exhibit at the Tokyo International Gift Show, a large-scale exhibition. Actively advertise not only to consumers but also to B2B buyers.


“Your product will be super popular in Japan” and we will continue discussing new product development together.

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